Kristina + Josh

Kristina and Josh, along with their amazing coordinator Rhi from Hey Gorgeous Events, made a dream team for this engagement shoot! We started with photos at their home (always a personal favorite), and then Kristina worked her way into a gorgeous Free People dress as we moved outdoors. Rhi designed and styled the florals because she is insanely talented, and the four of us ended up at Hot Cakes after our shoot, which is always a sign of sweet victory. Kristina and Josh are such a lovely couple- I'm so looking forward to photographing their wedding at Sodo Park next year! www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.



Brooke + Tyler: Mini Session

My dear friends Brooke and Tyler just got engaged, and we snapped a few photos around Ballard before getting celebratory drinks! I'm so excited for their official engagement shoot...these two are the real deal. They've been such good and solid friends to me- Brooke celebrated me with my own little engagement toasting not too long ago! These are the insanely good moments when work and real life hold hands, and I'm thankful for all the goodness that comes from it. xo



Brooke // At Home

Brooke Baker is an amazing designer + art director (who also happens to have one of my very favorite Instagram feeds) and just recently moved to Seattle. Brooke and her adorable pup Crosby let me peek into all their favorite corners for my At Home series, and I asked her to share some thoughts about decorating her space and what home means to her:

"To me, home is a special place -- a place for rest, a place of creativity, a place for friends. After traveling around for work for 6 months in San Francisco, Austin, and New York, I’ve finally been able to make myself a new home in Seattle.

I saw my new place as a blank canvas and with that, I chose to create as many custom pieces as possible. I decided to use copper and raw wood as my main materials and used them when I could. I also wanted to surround myself with plant life. Having plants around you makes you happy and I swear by it. Stock up Seattle, winter is coming.

My decorative style is inspired from many things, but mostly people and experiences. When I look around my apartment I’m constantly reminded of places I’ve been and the people I love. At the end of the day I find myself happy with my new home and proud of the things I was able to create."

Our shoot was also featured on Need Supply- head over there for some more interior goodness!
Thanks for sharing your space, Brooke. xo



At Home // Part One

This is part one of what's meant to be an ongoing series: photographing people I love in the spaces they create for themselves. To me home is such a Petri dish for all that is real and quirky and authentic, which is why I get so excited when couples want me to photograph their engagement sessions (or even weddings!) at home. I want to continue to celebrate the safety and beauty that's found in these spaces, and I'm so grateful my job allows that. So hooray for lifetime projects, for exploring more of what you love, and for all the nooks and crannies in which we feel most like ourselves. www.marissamaharaj.comwww.

Sydney + Sam

This is why I love engagement sessions: two people show up who have never met me before, and throughout the course of our shoot they share their personalities and quirks, how they interact, and what they love about each other. It was such a joy to experience that with Sydney and Sam- they were playful and kind and comfortable; all things that make my job so wonderful. I can't wait to photograph their wedding at Hidden Meadows next year- it's going to be incredible! Cheers.



Urban Garden : Styled Shoot

I recently got to collaborate with the lovely ladies at The Dress Theory and my talented friend Candice, who's launching a collection of gorgeous bridal headpieces. Our shoot was nature-inspired, filled with beautiful plants from The Palm Room and vintage wallpaper (basically what I wish my house looked like). I'm so excited for Candice to release her new line, and honored that I got to be a part of the process. Cheers! www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.