Rebekah + Zach : Part One

Rebekah and Zach met in Jr. High, and he maybe (definitely) asked her to homecoming with a fortune cookie. Fast forward to December: Rebekah and Zach were at Central Park, and at the top of Umpire Rock, Zach pulled out a fortune cookie. And a ring. They're both hilarious and wonderful people, and I've loved getting to know them as a couple. Rebekah and Zach are celebrating their wedding with friends and family next summer, but they chose to take road trip up to Port Townsend and elope in the meantime! Pitstops included the town of Forks, WA (excellent Subway Sandwiches and Twiglight memorabilia) and the Olympic National Forest, where we shot some photos in anticipation of their elopement! Enjoy part one of these lovelies.