At Home // Brooklyn

Continuing my At Home series by following some of the originals to their new homes in Brooklyn, NY. Read more about their stories below. xx

From Ash: 

What makes your space feel like home? 

I went from living by myself in Seattle, a city that I had lived in for eight years and was very comfortable in, to packing everything up and heading across the country to live in a totally new city. I was a little nervous about moving in with so many roommates, all of whom were strangers, but I can’t imagine feeling more at home anywhere else in this city. My roommates are the coolest collection of smart, creative, caring individuals, and our home is a constant source of encouragement and joy because of the people who occupy each of the rooms.  It’s easy to get lost in such a big, fast city, and having this place— a place where I feel known and supported— gives me the energy to keep up with the rest of life.

What's been challenging about making this space a home?

I wouldn’t go so far as to say its been a challenge, but living harmoniously with five other people in one space requires a certain level of consideration and communication.  Everyone cares about this space and each other, so it ends up all working pretty smoothly. It just takes a bit more intention and awareness.

Is there anything that stays the same regardless of where you move?

PLANTS. When I first came to look at this apartment, I was SO excited at the amount of greenery they had throughout the space. Since moving in I’ve slowly added more and more plants to our collection. I moved to New York with three suitcases and my bike… so I don’t have any of my furniture or some of the things that I feel were important to my space in the past. But everywhere I live, I have a solid collection of plants, books on display and polaroid pictures on my wall. 

From Bethany:

What makes Brooklyn feel like home? 

Brooklyn is home because of the people and places outside of my space. Don't get me wrong — I love my roommates, my tetris-tiny room, and my weird beat-up building tucked under the BQE. But Brooklyn is "home" because of the people that fill my days and the parks, rooftops, and coffee shops that dot my map. Before I moved to New York, I didn't really understand why people in books and movies had so much ownership over NYC — a place that 8 million other people also call "theirs." But after so many amazing friendships found, new experiences had, and habits formed, I've found that I too have that ownership over this city. And it is truly mine because I'm always in it — seeing, experiencing, and discovering it.

Is there something sacred about your space? 

Light. My first apartment in Brooklyn was in a basement that I lovingly referred to as the "root haus." I had two tiny windows but for the most part my room was tucked underground with roots and foundation; lit by soft edison bulbs and candles. This space has two beautiful windows that wake up with sun and linger with the moonlight. Even on chilly days, I open the windows wide to let in fresh air and watch the sun move across my bed

Is there anything that you carry with you everywhere you move? 

Little model airplane, Canon F-1 (& a pack of film), and T.S. Elliot's, The Waste Land.


Thanks Ash & Bethany!