2013: A very good year

I've had an incredible season- one that surprised me, challenged me, and encouraged me to keep pushing and growing. I shot some of my favorite weddings, engagements, and personal work this year, and I'm so grateful for those clients who trusted me and became friends. I don't know if there's anything better than that.

Throughout the year I've been keeping a little post-it note of things I've learned- some photography related, some life-related. Thought I might share a few with you:

Vanity Fair is the perfect in-flight magazine. If you put off your dentist appointments for two years, your inevitable reunion will be unpleasant. Everyone you meet knows something you don't- find out what it is and learn from them. Read books you don't agree with, and surround yourself with people who think differently than you. Do your research before you shoot. Take time to plan. Do work that excites you, that isn't commissioned, and is entirely for yourself. Don't throw a lobster dinner party if you're allergic to shellfish. Seek out constructive criticism- don't be afraid of it. Find a good hairdresser, therapist, and dry cleaner- these things are all necessary in your 20's. Keep an "Idea Dump" book and take time to revisit your thoughts- don't let your ideas go to waste. Use your social media platform- whatever size it may be- to share your voice and speak about what's important to you. Taco Bell is no longer a good option. Don't overwater plants. Give freely. Ask why. Call home.

Thank you to all my wonderful couples and clients, and to my faithful blog readers who encourage me and follow along on my journey. Cheers to you. xo


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2012 Was a very good year

A lot of people have recently asked me what it's like to be a wedding photographer. Here's my answer:

Sometimes being a photographer means quiet moments with wonderful people. Sometimes it's fist pumping and shouting in excitement because you got a shot that's better than you hoped. Sometimes it's long hours editing in front of the screen, with season 5 of Friends playing in the background for the 20th time. Sometimes it's a five hour layover in El Paso, where the only restaurant in the terminal is closed and you're eating a fig newton by an outlet. Sometimes it's being completely overwhelmed by the hospitality and love of strangers, being treated like family, and not even feeling like you're working.

I love my job. All of these moments- and plenty more- add to the humor, depth, and joy in my life. I'm grateful for all of my wonderful clients this year who've challenged me, trusted me, and embraced me. This post is for you.

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