Marissa Maharaj // Brand Launch

I am SO excited to share this post. (!!!!!)
Earlier this year I met with photographer + educator extraordinare, Ben Sasso, who encouraged me to spend some time re-envisioning my brand. I'll always have a special place in my heart for my old logo, but my voice and vision have expanded over the years and I really wanted my branding to reflect that. Enter Tyler Eide, graphic design genius, who has known both me and my business for years and was able to create a fresh + totally accurate design for me. (Fun fact: Tyler also designed my EP cover back in 2011 and totally rocked it.) I am so stoked on the final result- I love introducing a secondary color to my brand, and my logo feels like it grew up with me.

We made a few other changes including my email address, which is now and my official business name, which is Marissa Maharaj. (The URL is still the same!

Hooray for a new year ++ new branding! Hugs and high fives to everyone who helped make it happen.

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