Cheers to 2015

2015 was a big year personally and professionally; I got married (!!!), moved my office into a collaborative studio, traveled from the desert to the mountains shooting in over 3 countries and 30 cities, expanded my photography mentor sessions, worked with amazingly talented stylists and creatives, signed on to some exciting projects for 2016, ate more veggies, and spent less time in front of the computer & more time with my family. I'm so grateful to all of my fabulous clients who invited me into their relationships, their homes, and their lives. Thank you for asking good questions, for laughing at my jokes, for pushing beyond your comfort zones, for getting drinks and burgers after shoots, and for letting me do my best work. And thank you to all my faithful readers-- cheers to you and the many adventures that await! xx

Quesadillas and the Kindest Words: A Year in Review

This past year is hard to categorize, quantify or label. At times it was busy and exciting; in other moments it was quiet and slow, full of the wonderfully mundane in-betweens that we so carefully avoid sharing on social media. There were seasons of energy and intensity, hard work and little sleep, challenge and reward. There were hours upon hours of editing, with microwavable quesadillas and podcasts as my daily bread. And there were moments of true and incomparable joy, like when I held my tiny, fragile niece for the first time, or when Tyler knelt down on a cold day in June and asked me to be his wife. This year was many things.

High up on my "2014-grateful-list" are my clients who trusted me, who were kind and patient, who believed that good art takes time and is always, always worth it. Thank you for not caring if your dresses got dirty. Thank you for exploring new places with me and for pushing yourselves to new comfort levels. Thank you for making sure that I ate dinner, for group hugs at the 11th hour and for sharing some of the kindest words I've ever heard and read. I couldn't do this job without you.

Brooke + Tyler: Mini Session

My dear friends Brooke and Tyler just got engaged, and we snapped a few photos around Ballard before getting celebratory drinks! I'm so excited for their official engagement shoot...these two are the real deal. They've been such good and solid friends to me- Brooke celebrated me with my own little engagement toasting not too long ago! These are the insanely good moments when work and real life hold hands, and I'm thankful for all the goodness that comes from it. xo