Stephanie + Ian

It's always such an honor when someone who's also in the industry asks me to photograph their wedding, and when Stephanie from Wedding Party reached out I was absolutely thrilled! Stephanie + Ian are tying the knot just outside of Seattle, so we decided to explore some iconic PNW forests and cliffs for their engagement shoot. These two have the biggest hearts and their joy is absolutely contagious. Can't wait for their wedding at the Robinswood House this summer! www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.