Brian Paquette for Trumaker

I recently had the privilege of teaming with Trumaker to feature interior designer extraordinaire,  Brian Paquette. His space is bright and welcoming, minimalist mixed with comfort, inspiration waiting in every corner. Bonus points for his sharp and witty sense of humor that had me laughing all morning, and his secret musical talent which he graciously shared. (If you must know, I requested some Dashboard.) Be sure to follow him on Instagram, and check out his full feature & interview here.

Kaelin + Jason

Palm Springs has always been one of my favorite places to shoot- it doesn't get much better than those creamy blues, greens and yellows. Add Kaelin + Jason to the mix and it's like finding gold. We did a little exploring, a little playing, and they danced in the desert as the sun went down. xx




Danielle + Andrew

Danielle and Andrew's day was bursting with spring blooms, sweet personal touches, warmth and laughter. From their gorgeous session under the cherry blossoms, to sneaking away after the ceremony for sparklers at the site of their first kiss, everything was thoughtful and beautiful. Just like them. xx www.marissamaharaj.comHooray! www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comHooray!



Stephanie + Ian

It's always such an honor when someone who's also in the industry asks me to photograph their wedding, and when Stephanie from Wedding Party reached out I was absolutely thrilled! Stephanie + Ian are tying the knot just outside of Seattle, so we decided to explore some iconic PNW forests and cliffs for their engagement shoot. These two have the biggest hearts and their joy is absolutely contagious. Can't wait for their wedding at the Robinswood House this summer! www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.